Beyond Hardwood Refinishing: We Also Specialize in Flooring Repairs!

Hardwood Flooring Govich is known for the professional hardwood refinishing solutions that we provide in Eugene, OR. However, we don’t just refinish hardwood floors and give them a new lease of life — we also work on flooring repair tasks! Call us if your hardwood flooring has developed various issues and needs to be fixed ASAP.

Hardwood Refinishing

Flooring Problems That Homeowners Commonly Encounter

Too-large gaps are some of the most common issues with hardwood floors. These gaps should be fixed right away since they are unsightly and can affect the aesthetic appeal of your flooring.

You might also encounter buckling, which happens when your wood flooring has excessive moisture content and lifts itself off the subfloor. Buckled flooring can create a safety hazard since you and your family members can trip over time, so you should have it repaired ASAP.

DIY vs Professional Flooring Repairs

Technically, you can fix flooring issues all by yourself. In fact, you can even purchase DIY wood flooring repair kits from home improvement stores, and you can find plenty of how-to guides online that will teach you how to go about the process.

However, DIY flooring repairs aren’t really advisable since they require lots of time and might not lead to the results that you want. To ensure that your hardwood floors are repaired the right way, you’ll need to hire a professional contractor like us. By getting our help, you’re assured that your hardwood flooring is fixed according to the highest standards and that it will be brought back to excellent condition.

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When it comes to flooring repairs, Hardwood Flooring Govich is one of the best flooring contractors that you can trust in Eugene, OR. Dial (541) 654-3616 now to book an appointment with us! You can also give us a call if you need reliable hardwood refinishing services in Eugene, OR.

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