Why Every Flooring Services Advocate Underlayment

Why Underlayment Is So Important

Since the 80s, floating floors have become standard with new construction, in addition to remodeling projects too. These floors are not actually attached on the subflooring. Instead, they are attached to an underlayment which sits on the subflooring. A quality underlayment will reduce sound, offer better insulation, makes the flooring more resilient, smooths any minor imperfections on the subflooring, and increases the shelf life of the floor. A quality underlayment can be found in most flooring services such as Hardwood Flooring Govich, so make sure you ask for help.

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Some underlayment offers a vapor barrier, which will keep the top floor dry. A moisture barrier will be needed for any floor which is below ground level and is useful over plywood subfloors that are above a crawl space. When there is none, a thin plastic layer will need to be spread over the subfloor before any underlayment is installed. Wood products like plywood or oriented strand board used to be standard for underlayment. But, wood does have a tendency to shrink and expand as the temperature and humidity changes, which in turn stresses the flooring and ends up damaging it.

Gypsum fiber panel is another good choice with regards to the underlayment. It comes with a smooth surface, is resistant to moisture, and has no dyes or resins which could seep through to the top floor. Also, it is compatible with various flooring options and most types of adhesives.

Foam underlayment is sold in rolls and is about 1/8 inch thick. Combination underlayment will add a moisture barrier to the foam.

Rubber underlayment offers better noise reduction than foam flooring underlayment. So do modified foams like closed cell and high-density foam. These underlayments are available in various thicknesses and can include a moisture barrier.

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