Avoid Compromising the Integrity of Your Establishment

Common Flooring Damage That Requires an Immediate Flooring Service

Most visitors find an establishment appealing just by looking at the flooring, which is why we must maintain it regularly. But since it is the most commonly used part of the establishment, floors are prone to damage. Immediate repairs are necessary once the signs of damage start to show up. If you’re one of the proprietors who don’t know when to repair the floor and call the flooring service provider, read this page to know the different flooring damage you might encounter.


If the floor starts to scale or loses its finishing layer, have it repaired right away. Floor spalling only happens once the water flowing in the concrete capillaries freezes which causes them to expand and crack. Before you see yourself paying a fortune for the floor replacement service, let the experts apply an additional layer of floor finishing.


Cracks are the easiest damage to determine since this happens to all solid materials. As the years pass by, all flooring materials, except for the carpets, will eventually produce hairline cracks. If the cracks become obvious, you need to call a flooring service provider. Stepping over a large crack causes sprains, abrasion, and skin cuts. Repairing it can be done by applying concrete fillers.


This damage is a sign that the concrete floor is starting to deteriorate. If your floor is experiencing this damage, it will start to produce flat and thin pieces of peeled floor finishing. It is usually attributed to the extreme heat conditions and the poor refinishing of the flooring.

If any of the mentioned flooring damage becomes evident, don’t hesitate to call the experts. Hardwood Flooring Govich is the flooring contractor you can rely on when it comes to an impeccable flooring service for establishments in Eugene, OR. To know how we deliver our services and the rates we offer, give us a call at (541) 654-3616 today.