Flooring Installation Process

How is a Wood Flooring Installed

When you look at hardwood flooring installers, it will seem like it is a very simple thing to do. They do it quickly and precisely without breaking a sweat because they have been doing it for years. However, if you know how the entire process really goes, you will see how hard it is. The hardwood flooring you are walking on looks perfect but before it looked like that, flooring specialists had to go through a rigorous process. Here is the correct hardwood flooring installation process:

Step 1: Choose the hardwood

The floor installers will ask you what hardwood you want to use for the floor. If you already know what hardwood to use, the installer will educate you about the pros and cons if the hardwood will be used for your floor. Although they will follow your decision, it is best to listen to the experts though.

Step 2: Measure the area

To be precise, the floor installers will measure the area of the room. They will know how much materials they will need to cover the entire area. It is expected that there will be some materials left, but wastage will be fewer because they have measured the area properly. It is normal to have extra tiles because they have to cut some of them to fit the area.

Step 3: Delivery of materials

The hardwood has to be delivered to your house before the flooring installation. The hardwood has to adjust to the temperature of the house. Depending on the hardwood you will be using, but it will take at least a day for the materials to adjust.

Step 4: Prepare the subfloor

For the hardwood floor to be properly installed, the subfloor should be ready. If the subfloor is not ready, the newly installed floor will not last for a long time. You might end up getting new materials because there are parts that are easily removed.

Step 5: Install the hardwood floor

The floor installers will use an installation method that will guarantee a lasting result. They use a tried and tested method with the use of their reliable tools and equipment. They will let the newly installed floor rest for a number of hours and check if there are no problems with it.

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